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Thank you for clicking on The Facade Project Website. I'm going to keep things simple here. The Facade project aims to show you that all that glitters isn't gold. Especially in this millennial generation where all of our Instagram posts consist of highlight reels and showcase us "living our best lives." Is that the truth? Breaking the facades of this generation is my ULTIMATE goal while giving back to the community at the same time. Right now, with every purchase on my site, I will donate $1 to my favorite non-profit in LA, This is a text-based service that helps people in need of help, specifically help with mental and emotional stress which isn't acknowledged often enough. We need to quit acting like we have our lives together, stop showcasing that facade on social media, and OWN our truth. Help me show others that it is perfectly fine to be real and scared and show emotion in our lives, whether male or female. Help me break the facades worldwide by purchasing a shirt, bottle, or pop socket. And stay tuned because this girl is on a mission!